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A Star in the Day Still Shines


A Star in the Day Still Shines

A Star in the Day Still Shines is about two brothers navigating through the challenges of peer pressure. We listen in on a conversation between the brothers after his peers pressured young Ian to join in on bullying one of his classmates. Zion is troubled when his younger brother reveals that he considered joining his friends so that he would fit in with the majority.  Therefore, Zion poetically expresses how we shine by the brightness of our uniqueness. 


This book contains a message appropriate for children and teens of all ages. With A Star’s Dictionary in the back of the book to help define words that may be challenging for some children, it is a perfect read for parents to educate their children on what makes them shine. 


This book also includes writing and conversation prompts, and concludes with a journal to notate your thought during this read. A Star in the Day Still Shines is an uplifting dialogue that ministers to its reader's hearts.

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