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The Complicated 
Reflections of Him

Author Jeremy C. Watson is proud to present his collection of 44 powerful, thought-provoking poems that primarily reflect his journey through trauma to freedom. The Complicated Reflections of Him is Jeremy's 6th self-published release and his most personal to date.

The Complicated Reflections of Him is a collection of poems detailing the intricate journeys of men navigating life. Each poem is a sincere and candid embodiment of the various paths encountered throughout those journeys. The subject matter, at times, is heavy yet intentional. These words are testimonies of experienced trauma, pain, and heartbreak and reflections of freedom, healing, and peace.

Much of what you will read are reflections of the author’s testimonies. Some of what you will read are testimonies of other men gracious enough to share how they have piloted through personal tribulation. All of what you will read are candid poetic perspectives of men who have matured by the complicated parts of life that are often reflected in how we maneuver through life.

Reflections of Him


An outlet for me as a child was journaling. I often describe journaling as a means to give words to what I usually did not dare to give voice to. It was a place for me to be genuine and authentic while acknowledging that I had feelings I needed to convey. A wealth of emotions neatly scattered across pages bound in a book that makes up my journal, which reflects my story. Therefore, this is what The Reflections of Him is. It is pages for you to write down the thoughts, emotions, and happenings that make up your story. It is an opportunity for you to reflect.

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