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Dance Izzy, Dance

The most beautiful form of worship is worship done with the sole purpose of celebrating our Creator. Be it in song, prayer or dance, sincere worship engulfs you in a combination of indescribable peace and joy unspeakable.

Dance Izzy, Dance invites you to listen in on Izzy's conversation with God as she details her love for dance and how it relates to her worship. Inspired by her visit to the beach, Izzy proclaims how dance is a crucial piece to her expression of praise and worship.

"God, if we were to ever meet

I'd greet you with praise in angelic movements across this very shore

I'd exhaust my body in worship until every limb is sore'

With beautiful illustrations, this short story is told in poetic form and is a perfect read for your little one as a bedtime story or an after school feel-good read. 

Dance Izzy, Dance offers both writing and conversation prompts to assist you in engaging in conversation about worship and how your child chooses to do so. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy this book and share it!

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