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What Sparked it All

Late last year, I proclaimed that I would do things that would challenge my comfort level. It often feels like God is holding me to that vow. There have been so many avenues available for me to take that have done just that.

In December 2021, I had an idea for a stage play. I had never written a stage play, but there I was inundated with this idea. Creatively, anytime an idea flows, I must get it out of my head and into whatever physical form I can. I must see it. I must touch it. In this case, I had to write it. The same day, I made the above post on Facebook, "I am going to write a play," it read. It was a way of committing myself to the process. I never want to put words out that I have no intention of accomplishing. So, that simple post became a route to accountability and will to completion.

I love writing because God overwhelms my thoughts with words when I have an idea. That first night I jotted my characters, contemplated the play's beginning, middle, and ending, and I wrote the entire first scene. After a few more days, I had written three scenes and was falling in love with the vision this play gave.

The title, The Poetic Conversations of Ma, came after a few changes to the script. I played around with a different title which changed as the directions of the play began to pivot a bot from what the original vision entailed.

The Poetic Conversations of Ma is about the beautiful, ugly, and complicated emotions of us. It shines a light on the human experience in its most intricate forms. It is a testimony that dives into the deep waters of life and takes us to the brink of drowning. However, when it seems like you are going under for what may be the last time, you are lifted high enough to take the deepest of breaths…and live. That is how life feels sometimes. It is poetry, the voices are rhythm, and their words are like songs. All of that will make sense when this play is revealed.

Until then, stay tuned!

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